Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

Posted on: 25 Dec 2018, by Adit
Christmas, which from Portuguese means birth, is a celebration for Christians which is held on December 25 each year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. The birth of Jesus Christ is contained in the New Testament Gospels written in the Book of Matthew (Matthew 1: 18-2: 23) and the Book of Luke (Luke 2: 1-21).
For the celebration of Christmas itself just started around 200 AD in Alexandria (Egypt). In the celebration of Christmas there are also western influences such as the existence of a Christmas tree, Christmas cards, exchanging gifts between friends and family members and the story of Santa or Santa. Meanwhile, the influence from the East at the time of Christmas celebration is fasting, singing, reading the Bible and praising. In every Christmas celebration it is often shown or symbolized by candles. It describes or gives a picture of Christ. Where Christ is represented as a light to a dark world. In the Bible it is written about light, in the Old Testament, Isaiah 9: 1-6, "the great light", while in the New Testament, John 1: 1-18, "the light of men".
PT. Indochemie wishes you a Merry Christmas and New Year. May the spirit of Christianity bring you peace the gladness of Christmas, give you hope the warmth of Christmas grant you love "Merry Christmas" Celebrate all with your family.