About Us

Our vision is to be a leading adhesive supplier in Indonesia, commited to deliver the highest standard of products that keeps up with technology and industry demand.

Our mission is to deliver superior quality products & services for our customers and partners while maintaining good environment.

PT. Indochemie Jelyna Lemindo Prima started in 1988, based in Tangerang, Indonesia. Since then it has grown significantly large as one of the leading adhesive manufacturer and suppliers across Indonesia.

Our products have evolved into a broad range of solvent based adhesives and water based adhesive and have been used across many industries in Indonesia such as in Furniture, Spring Beds, Interior Design industry, Automotive, Constructions, Wood craft industries and many more.

Our success and our growth lie on good clients' relationship with us. We believe that quality and customer satisfaction is the key to our success. Hence, we strive to provide the best product quality to our clients by choosing the right raw material suppliers who supply the best quality raw materials for our productions.