We have an extensive range of solvent-based adhesive products which span across industries and applications such as leather, surface coating, plastics, furniture and many more. If you are unable to find product that you are after from our list, please contact us. We can offer technical alternatives which may satisfy your need and improve your productivity.

Please select an adhevise product from our list of categorization below.

  • Chloroprene Rubber

    Chloroprene rubber adhesive is an all-round adhesive whose main component is chloroprene synthetic rubber. It is mainly used in furniture and shoes industry for rubber and leather application. Moreover, this adhesive can also be used for hard materials such as metals. It has strong initial bonding strength without losing elasticity. Most commonly used for metal, plastics, rubber, paper, cardboard, wood materials and more. Some of our Chloroprene Rubber adhesive product are Super Bond 629, Super Bond Super M, Super Bond DG, Walrus Merah, Walrus Biru and much more.

  • PVC

    PVC Adhesive is a special adhesive/glue widely used for connecting PVC pipes in building or residential construction work. It has fast and strong bonding with resistance to heat, water and chemicals. Click here to see our PVC Adhesive Product.

  • Polyurethane

    Our Polyurethane adhesives consist of a high molecular weight hydroxyl terminated polyurethane dissolved in a solvent. This adhesive is suitable for all kinds of materials like PVC, PU, TPR, leather, etc, especially white materials. It is most commonly used in footwear production line or hand work, suitable for sole laying. Some of our PU adhesive product are Super Bond PU DX, Super Bond PU-X and much more.

  • Graft

    Our graft adhesive is an adhesive with grafted copolymer as the main component. It has strong initial bonding strength and most commonly used in shoes, sandal industry. This adhesive is suitable for materials such as EVA to EVA, EVA to rubber, sole combination. To find out more please click here.


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